The cost of £43 per Year due end of January ..Payment can be made through bank (perferred method) or directly to Debbie . 


    Correct fees are - A, B Squads - £30 per month and C, D & Development Squads - £25.  Please amend your standing orders, if you have not already done so, as soon as possible. 


Welcome to Blantyre Amateur Swimming Club

Our web site provides information for swimmers and their parents / guardians about how the club runs.

The club notice board is in the Sports Centre foyer, across from the entrance to the swimming changing area. Members and parents / guardians should check the notice board whenever they attend, as information affecting them will be displayed there.

With so many swimmers at different times, the notice board is the only reliable method of getting information to everybody quickly, and it is your responsibility to check it and be aware of what is going on.