Fixtures & Events

    The cost of £43 per Year due end of January ..Payment can be made through bank (perferred method) or directly to Debbie . 


    Correct fees are - A, B Squads - £30 per month and C, D & Development Squads - £25.  Please amend your standing orders, if you have not already done so, as soon as possible. 


Swimming Meets


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The club participates in competitions at all levels, ranging from events for inexperienced competitors (Mini-Meets) to Graded Meets and Scottish Nationals. Swimmers’ times (recorded at club time trials) will be compared with the age groups and qualifying times provided by the competition organiser.

If you are new you might be mystified about the notices which appear on the board regarding swim meets. Here is a rough guide:

Who gets to swim in mini-meets / West Districts etc?
These meets are time-banded, so when a swimmer records times which are good enough for their age group, they may be entered for a meet. All of the club’s swimmers' times are recorded and kept by the Head Coach.

What happens if my child’s name is up for a swimming meet?

  • If your child wishes to take part and is listed on a sheet saying "For Consideration Only", then you should initial the sheet beside your child’s name as soon as possible. This commits you to taking part in the event.
  • If the sheet is taken down before you sign it then you are too late to enter your child.
  • Look out for a second sheet entitled "Accepted Swims". This sheet will appear before the event and will confirm who is swimming and their events, and will also give the venue and time. You should make a note of the venue and warm-up time, as the sheet will come down a day or two beforehand.

What about Payment?
At the moment the club pays the meet fees for each swimmer (from 70p per swim for a mini-meet up to £7 for the Scottish Nationals). This is our policy while funds permit. However we do ask people to pay the meet fee if they enter and then don’t turn up as the club still has to pay all the fees.

The Blantyre Swimming Club Championship and Junior Gala take place at the end of the year and everybody in the club should participate.